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Nivele optice. Perforare beton. Taiere beton. Utilaje pt. Pompe electrice. Aparate pt. Great site you've got here.. It's hard tto find high-quality writing like yours these days. I truly appreciate people like you! What we truthseekers eventually come to understand is hopefully that everything is Socialism's fault, it's the fake love of the state that is the problem, but there is no-one out there to get anyone other then the ignorance that has many oh shapes and forms, usually they tend to be fascists of their own judgment, but aren't we all. It's the fear that some of the people reek off, that lashes out uncontrollably, that for most others become really strange because of the behavior.

I don't really remember, what it was that changed me, but it all just went together like the hand in a glove. Most people are supporting everyone else, out of the good will of others, and not out of the values that we should uphold. With that said, people help likeminded people and reject others that has totally other thinking patterns, I understand and accept that, because everyone's actions are based on the good will to others, but the good will of others or to others, will eventually corrupt us all, because we don't see the wrongs that we our selves are doing.

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So I don't judge anyone of you, because I have already been there, and that is the divinity of a God, knowledge and wisdom through experiences and that is why they are usually shunned, because they either understand more than most others. Since people usually aren't independent in will and thought they will blame the one that shows them who they really truly are.

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This explains why the Jews killed Jesus, and also why the romans eventually tried to save him, but because of the lack of basic understanding for the behavior of Jesus In thought and will. This is a really, really sad story. He did not pardon people from their sins, because with his death, he could no longer judge the people's bad judgements and that is why the sins vanished. I love everything that is on this planet so much, but there is also so much corruption.


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Right wing vs Left wing, acting in the same manner, but not understanding it themselves. So is the truth. I have tried to warn the ignorant masses my whole life, from time to time, but the last two years has been a really difficult journey. Many o' friends that no longer talks to me, because the truth that they heard, did hurt so much that they couldn't stand the sight of me. I will be waiting, because everyone, awaken eventually.

Blaming others will not help anyone else, least yourself. A lie, may be making you, feel really good right now, but it will eventually become a deep scar, when the truth comes your way. That is Social Justice Warrior behavior, and you are the feel gooders that act upon your own understanding, mostly only the emotions. It's still not in your right to judge others if you, yourselves act like an angry mob of feeble animals fighting for the last peice of meat.

Leftists are as bad as Right wings when it comes to hatred, and there need to be change, or mother nature will do that for us. Cluster A again, when everyone has delt with paranoia, they will have other problems because they alse tend to have periods of manic behavior, that ends in delusions, still with self-interest in mind, because they tend to not see their own doing in things and blame others. There is a reason to why the comment 'Only God can place Judgement' arrived. Now these delusion's are mostly based in fear, and that is because your creative part of the mind is a bit more active at this time, meaning, that You don't have a balanced mind.

Wonder why Could it be because the metabolism of the heart gets higher? Yes it does, because that was my experience for 5 years. Going in and out of my body all the time because sience minded people believe in the lie of their self that their better judgement is there, but they have no Idea how the drug works.

The Occult War - Emmanuel Malynski, Julius Evola, Léon de Poncins

Well, Drugs alter the heart rate basically, on a macro level. The deeper aspects well, they are a whole lot more detailed than this. If you, in this state, come to find religion as a practice, then you still have to find yourself, all that you see are the ghosts of future, past and present, and they are how you see yourself and the consequences of your actions, and they are there to make you stand up for yourself and stop being afraid of everything.

I had my share of visions, but after that I also had three days of death ego death while I was basically having diarrhea containing ONLY water. It felt Like I was burning from within in my whole spine and around my heart, I thought I was going to go through spontanious combustion.

I didn't obviously. What I did though, was contacting my father '01 and mother '11 and sisters '11 after not talking to them since well, it's behind their names. I came to the insight of what I had done wrong and what part I had in everything that I have been through, so I contacted them, talked to them and forgave them. Forgiving others is easy, but forgiving yourself is not as much, since that holds all the memories of all the people that I had blamed for my mistakes. When that Is done anyway, all the visions just stop, that is why you can treat schizofrenia through terapy instead of lobotomizing them with anti-psycothic's that only make them numb emotionally.

Time to stop being Mengle, the doctors needs to see their part in all the wrong doing, because the evidence has been imperical for ages, that it's mostly more dagerous than without it. The non-existant problem.

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Not A sickness! Autism Spectrum is part of the very amazing metabolicly low spectrum. All impressions are stronger. That is all. Because of the lower metabolism of their bodies, they live in different time distortions. Check the brain activity. They probably have really active brains, the more active it is, the slower and smarter they tend to seem. They speak out of their own will and thought.

Spiritual ignorants. The spiritual people that I have shared words with over and over, these past years, are often enough settling at narcissism in the roots of their spiritual practices, acting on others good will, again some problems never really change. All to many of the modern teachings of Spirituality are from false spiritual leaders and false guides, that think that they are Gods Don't follow people that guide you towards Narcissim! They have been uttering something interesting though and been talking about 'Crystal' and 'Indigo' children, for the most part of my life now.

Autism people are often categorized in these boxes, Perhaps they should be placed there by some, but I felt it was important to learn about it for myself, so that I could teach other, but it is basically just there to fuel the Ego into letting people think they are special. We are ALL special.


It's all or none. That is why high morals and god values are needed. Through the individual we find the group. That is the way of the rightious. Equality in duality. I am rightious, but far from divine by my standards. Socialister är de som hatar mest, de som inte tänker! Nazismen är åter född med yttrandefrihets fascism i grunden och Kapitalismen är motståndet, som får allt tyngre stöd.

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Ja, precis så va det! Under väldigt många år så satt jag, blev indoktrinerad genom skolorna i olika tankar från folk som fortfarande inte lärt sig att vara ovillkorliga och se sitt fel i andras beteenden.

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Skiftande ljus i ljusramperna som kan låsas i den färg man önskar. Leprous: Pitfalls CD Ok, this haw look ninety-six technical, however, it is unchallenged that omega-3 lubricant is all-important to our welfare and healthy existence. In fact, in excess of four hundred thousand titleswait online at the Kindle store or using the reader by yourself. Derartu Tulu ዻራርቱ ቱሉ , är en långdistanslöpare i friidrott från Etiopien. An allergy symptom crapper ameliorate into a much terrible premise ilk bronchitis and pneumonia.

Jag satt ofta och underade på VAD var det som gick fel på talet som skapade så mycket hat? Inte skulle jag någonsin i mina vildaste tankar ens kunna tänka mig att det vänliga och omhändertagande samhället man varit del utav hela sitt liv, skulle vara just det som till slut skulle bli det som vi idag minns som det 'värsta' som hänt i vår moderna tid. Man säger att en ledare är född och inte lärd! Man växer inte in i den rollen, men för mig känns det nog som ett både och, man blir det man naturlig är, men man växer till det som andra ska se upp till.

Hela vår värld är uppbyggd på en lögn och vi hjälper den att fortsätta för att sanningen är för jobbig att ta del utav. Socialism utnyttjar alla genom att göra dig enhetlig. Jag kommer dela en massa bilder här, på exempel utav oliktänkande hat, Ingen utav er behöver inte göra så mycket annat än att bli en del utav dessa grupper och se själva, det bevisar sig själv. Sverigedemokraterna är de nya Judarna. Det är socialt accepterat att hata dem. SD vill genom striktare politik främja den nationella ekonomiska situationen genom Kapitalism. Här används klassisk kommunistisk propaganda teknik som gör att alla tror att Samhället kollapsar om Kapitalism får fäste för att man som kapitalist tydligen ser ned på andra människor.

Jag trodde själv att kapitalism var det ondaste som existerade på denna jord, fram till att jag såg de här videorna. Det förändrade allt för mig, allt gick ihop och sanningssökandet har lugnat sig. Mitt förstånd till vad som är och inte är sant har förändrats helt och jag vet varför och hur de ledande kapitalistiskt centrerade individerna lyckats att bli så stora. För att de för det mesta vet precis vad som är rätt och fel och de pratar inte om det, de tar det i sina egna händer, medan alla andra klankar ned på dem till dess att de blir motbevisade.

Detsamma håller på att ske med mig, jag har varit motbevisat hela mitt liv, och de senaste åren har varit hårdast på mig för att jag har en annan förståelse till den verklighet som vi lever. Elon Musks kämpande för en bättre framtid! Jeff Bezos liv som skaparen utav Amazon. Bill Gates en Innovatör med vänligt hjärta. Så fick jag det här svaret i en utav mina kommentarer.

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Hur ska man ställa sig till något sådant när man själv vet att det är så långt ifrån sanningen man kan komma. Det är oliktänkandet som ens skapat grunden för att detta kunnat hända, men det är just denna ignorans som gör att folk inte lär sig utav sina misstag, denna gång så kommer det vara ett krig emot Kapitalism på en extremt stor skala!

Jag gav hen svar via messenger i efterhand. Liknandes det här som jag nu väljer att uttrycka till er. Jag får hela tiden säga åt dem att tänka på hur de uttrycker sig. Tryck på den här länken: Socialismen: Den blinda Cancern?